Hell Yeah, Agender!

Wanna be a mod? 

Hell Yeah! Agender currently is/is not looking for help.


If you’re interested in helping run Hell Yeah, Agender!, then please send an ask my way

The requirements I’m looking for are:

  • You don’t have to be agender, but if you’re not then I’d like for you to know what being agender means as well as to be informed about other non-binary, genderqueer, and trans* identities and issues.
  • You’re willing to use trigger warnings when needed. Furthermore, you should be willing to go over submissions to see if any trigger warnings are needed that the submitter didn’t put in.
  • You’re willing to look for things to post/reblog, especially when there’s a lull in submissions.

Basically—I’d like people to help run this thing who are awesome and who are willing to help keep it going. I don’t want anything less than that, but if you’re offering I’d totally take more.